Friday, June 8, 2012

Launched - The NEW Cass...!

You know me from Living Eco Direct & Zapp Consulting, as well as the scholarship student from Endeavour 2011, a mum of two little people and the wife of a "work overseas" husband. I have my fingers in WAY too many pies, so this is my new blog! Moving away from things I've done in the past, to make my life easier whilst sharing all the things I love, with you :)

So what's going on right now? Well....

- I'm in the midst of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation, Round 2 2012....(you can check my progress at the bottom of this blog page with my Progress Tracker. Currently 3.1kg down, another 6.9kg to go!)

- Birthday Olympics are underway, with organization for my son's 6th birthday in full swing...I'll tell you more about the Birthday Olympics in my next post but here's a sneak peak ;)

Super Cute Clown Cake Pops - LOVE!

 - Study load getting a little bit brutal (about 6 hours behind in lectures, with a full-time uni course load..ouch!)

- Designing a "bug" inspired quilt for my 3yr old (my elder son got his handmade Curious George quilt when he was 3, so I'm playing catchup now with my youngest)

- Working on ways to make the money stretch each week, as hubby's job goes from "not so good" to "oh crap, how will we pay THAT bill"....

- Home detox is underway, clearing out the nasties that seem to have "appeared" in my previously eco-conscious and allergy-friendly home

And that's it in a nutshell! Posts on the way on all of these things and more...

In the meantime, come meet me on facebook and say hi, as the NEW, IMPROVED Cass comes to be, on my new blog all about LIFE....In Perspective.


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