Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When the scales go up...

Are you like me and seem to have added some weight post having kiddies that just doesn't seem to want to shift?  After being around 50kgs all my life, I started this year at almost 65kgs - which is heavier than I was pregnant (not a good confession!).

That's why when I saw the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation was about to launch Round 2 for 2012 I decided, why not give it a go?  At only $199 it's not a big investment, plus I could pay it off too. So I signed up!

For me it's nice and easy - each week the program is posted for me, including a complete meal plan (with shopping list I just print off), and an exercise plan. I have to admit to not following the exercise plan as yet, instead doing some light walking and a little time on the cross trainer here at home. But it seems to be enough.  I dropped quite quickly in the first two weeks, almost 4kgs.

Problem is, this week my weight went up....eeeck!

After Alex's birthday and party on the weekend, then I got the flu on Sunday night, well I honestly lost the vibe.  Not that I started binging or anything, but a bit of soft-drink and a curry for dinner saw me up 700gms for today's "Weigh In Wednesday".

So it's with new motivation I hoped back on the horse today, flu and all!  If you have some weight to shift I can really recommend the program so far though; it's nice and easy, the meals have been yummy and easy to make...couldn't ask for more really! (check out the meal below, last nights dinner - super yum!!!).

Low cal Thai Chicken Laksa with noodles
So Mish, when you read my blog this week know that I'm back, with a vengeance! I plan to make the the ONLY week the scales go up :)  Come check out my facebook page for more pics of the delicious meals we get to eat too.

If anyone is keen to join in the journey, let me know, I'll email you a signup link. It's well worth it!  Check out my progress at the bottom of the blog homepage, with the "progress tracker".  Can't hide it anymore ;)


Cass xo


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