Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time for a home detox...

Yes, it’s time for a home detox!

Last week we chatted on the facebook page about my current desire to do a home detox.  You see, as much as I try to “do the right things” it’s gotten easier over time to cheat on things that didn’t seem to matter too much, like buying toothpaste from the supermarket instead of ordering the natural one; using chemical cleaners around the home on occasions (after helping a friend clean her house to move, I accidentally “adopted” some of the chemical cleaners); or grabbing the occasional loaf of “plastic bread” from the supermarket.

Yes, on their own these things are little I guess, but they do add up…let me tell you the story…
A little under 2 years ago we moved into a brand new house. We built it, selecting all the bits & bobs, decorating it how we wanted. But our budget didn’t extend to some of the low-allergen & eco friendly options we would have liked (like low allergen paints, carpets, solid timber cabinets etc).   So , we compromised & got what we could afford, now two years on we’re wondering why we did that.  Our little family now has a raft of health issues, that seem to be getting worse.  That’s why I think it’s time for a home detox.

Let me tell you a little of what’s going on…
1. My kids have developed asthma.  My youngest has an immune deficiency, so this is a BIG concern

2. Both my kids are more reactive these days, every little thing sets off their allergies, plus their allergies are increasing

3. Sleeping is a nightmare! Both my kids are unsettled at night (they’re 3 and 6)and get up multiple times each a night, due everything from night terrors & breathing issues, to overactive hypnagogic reflex

4. And although I’m exhausted, I have insomnia and can’t sleep

5. My youngest son isn’t growing. He’s the size and weight of an 18mth old…and he’s 3yrs….

6. Personally, I feel sick and tired all the time, literally. I have constant headaches, migraines, dizzy spells, vertigo and all sorts of weird and wonderful things going on.  An MRI, catscan & blood tests failed to find reasons for it.

7. My family’s immunity seems to have completely deteriorated.  My youngest get’s sick every couple of weeks, each time now it’s very croupy, and the rest of us get it too.  We just get over one thing, when another hits us.

Generally, we just don’t feel “right”, and feel like we are never getting past the sickness.  I think, among other things, we are dealing with MCS (mulitiple chemical sensitivity disorder), VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and off-gassing issues (house paints, carpets, furniture etc) which is why I’m setting a course for a total home detox!

So I’ll be clearing out, cleaning up and fixing up everything I can to get my family’s health back in shape! Moving out isn’t an option for us, as I”m sure it’s not for many of you, so follow me as I take you step by step through things we can all do to make our homes healthier places for our families.
So, who’s with me????  Why not visit our facebook page to introduce yourself too, we’d love to get to know you all better!

I’d love to share this little journey with you! Please share this post so we can get as many involved as possible :)   Add a little comment below & tell me about your situation and why you’re joining the Home Detox Journey!  The first post in our detox journey will be Mon June 4th so be sure to keep a look out. I’ll post a link on the fb page too…

Cass x


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