Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fell of the wagon..wonder if I broke something?

As you know I joined the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program all of 2 weeks ago. You also know that this weekend was my eldest son's 6th birthday. You also know I LOVE to bake, decorate cakes & be totally extravagant with kids parties. Sooooo, what does this mean?  Well, it means Mish will be mad at me!!!

Now I'm not unrealistic, I didn't expect to get through the weekend sticking to the program & had decided it was OK to be a little lax, have a little fun, within reason.  But we had a party full of sherbet cones, cupcakes, whoopie pies & fairy floss.  What's a girl to do???

Let's start with the fun bit....check out these pics of some of the circus themed treats from the party...

Circus Clown cake I made for the party
Vanilla cupcakes with frosting in gorgeous Robert Gordon cases
Ice cream cone style cake pops in mini cones
Now, I'm going to stop there, as I'm quite sure Mish will be having a fit right about now! (I did try to balance the party food with some ham/cheese pinwheels & cute fruit skewers...just so you know ;).

And as for the wagon and falling of....well, I couldn't just MAKE all of these treats & just HOPE they tasted good for our guests...could I???  Ok, I could have, but I didn't, now I'm feeling guilty.  But after thinking about it today I've decided two things:

1. tomorrow is a new day - time to get back on the wagon in ernest!
2. the kids all had a GREAT time at the party, so I figure that was worth it

So when you see a woman pounding the pavement tomorrow like her life depends on it....that's me x


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